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Understanding ESG
As with the development of Covid-19 vaccines, confronting today’s mounting climate challenges requires close cooperation between the public and private sectors, as well as between countries. Shaping markets and industries via the right policy mix of targeted government financing and procurement can accelerate the green transition
27 May 2022
The Middle East will face its own unique set of challenges in the age of climate change, from changing rainfall patterns and water scarcity to heatwaves and wildfires. While most of the region recognizes the need for more investment to tackle these issues, closer cross-border cooperation will also be necessary
24 May 2022
Hong Kong-based Intensel is leading the race to find solutions in a region where the participation of businesses in a bid to meet the Paris targets and SDGs is crucial as governments move to tighten policy with the aim of meeting these targets.
23 May 2022
A more resilient, sustainable, and equitable food system must be a pillar of any climate mitigation or adaptation agenda. But the barriers to building one should not be underestimated, especially for countries and regions where soil is poor, land has little agricultural value and other natural resources, such as water, are limited or degraded
20 May 2022
Ping An Bank has launched a personal carbon account platform in a bid to encourage a green a low-carbon lifestyle for consumers.
25 May 2022
The controversy over the recent presentation by HSBC Asset Management's Stuart Kirk on climate risk.
25 May 2022
Decarbonization of real estate sector must be prioritized to reach net-zero targets
24 May 2022
A task force convened by the Monetary Authority of Singapore has published the second version of its green and transition taxonomy. The document, which builds on the earlier taxonomy proposed by the Green Finance Industry Taskforce (GFIT) in January 2021, details threshol
20 May 2022
Humanity’s continuing failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has substantially increased the likelihood of global warming exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius within the coming decades. That means we must start exploring a wider set up options for mitigating the worst consequences and managing life in a warmer world
20 May 2022
Europe’s pleas to energy producers in the Global South to help it reduce its dependence on Russia have probably prompted more than a few eye rolls. After all, countries across the developing world have endured years of proselytizing from Europe about the importance of making rapid progress toward a carbon-free energy future
19 May 2022
Nearly two-thirds (63%) of investors globally prefer to use active funds to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into their portfolios, with equities (80%) over bonds (58%) being the most popular asset classes to gain ESG exposure, according to a new study. ESG adoption is now widespread, with the proportion of ESG users jumping to 89%, from 84% in 2021, Capital Group says in its ESG Global Study 2022. Asia-Pacific (APAC) saw the largest increase in ESG users of any region (to 88% from 81% in 2021).
18 May 2022
HSBC has launched a US$1 billion fund for lending to female-owned businesses over the next 12 months. Along with the Female Entrepreneur Fund, the bank is also offering a programme to help female entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses.
12 May 2022